The minds of the children are not built to be sit and taught, They are built to explore, play and learn

Our KIBBUTZIM pre school program aims to provide education to live life. The major objective is to make children go under practical education through investigation, exploration and discovery where active and enthusiastic children can refine and expand their skills and knowledge. Through intentional teaching practices, purposefully designed learning environments and enriched activities, we ensure that toddlers will have joyful, appropriate and meaningful learning experiences at CIS that will ultimately lead to success in school and in life too.

My Learning Planets

We, at Kibbutzim, believe that children's natural curiosity must be satisfied. Kide love to explore with their imagination and always try to put it inti action.

The word ;Kibbutzim; means collective community getting together for a common goal. We are sure that kide will come under a common roof ;Kibbutzim; for learning together

it is said that if we, elder allow kide to act, they experience it. When experience it, they feel it. When they feel it, they are inspired by it. Once they are inspired, there is no end to what they want to aspire in their lives.

Learning planet area help kide for experimental and hands on learning. These various plant planets are designed ti imbibe the knowledge they acquire through day to day experiences. The aim is to make the learnt concepts more concrete in their mind. Children get involved with number of activities. This will help kide to develop all kind of skills which are required in the 21 century.

Yes! Education is for living healthy and happy life.