It is a matter of honour and privilege to be the founders of   COUNTRYSIDE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,   Surat. We dont merely see building of the campus, but the sense of history which will be created by our dynamic students in future. Our dream is to witness a campus where the kids act like chirping birds, classrooms are full of happy faces, enthusiastic budding artists, junior scientists, young athletes full of energy on playground, flashing young brains with spark , where tradition and individuality are together, technology used with the help of wisdom and learning is a festival. We have faith that with your love and wishes, the foundation stone will turn into huge milestone in the field of education.

Albert Einstein once said ;We owe a lot to the Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made;

In this 21 century world, Our country still has the same potential to lead the innovation, and create better opportunity for our kids but schools have to come in front and lead the society. We, at CIS, firmly believe that change today is the new normal. In the present era of fast changing technology all over the world, keeping pace with it is a global phenomenon. We all have to agree that the pace of change in the field of education is much faster. We are committed to match this pace.

Our campus is located in the area which is free from pollution and in the lap of nature. Here kids will have lot of opportunities to explore themselves in a completely new world enabling them for new ventures beyond their abilities. Along with academics, we will be focusing on life skills which is one of the basic needs for their successful upbringing.

Yes ! we are going to root the tree of education, which would reap future ready fruits all enabled with technology and adaptability.